Hickory Hills Mastiffs

Turk of the Hills

Turk is our fawn male dog who is very large, beautiful and is from California with continuing champions on both the dam's side and sire. He is now over 
200lbs! We are not the type that show dogs because we mainly have mastiffs as pets. But if we did show Turk, he would undoubtedly be a champion just like the rest of his family.


Ch. Dandylion Datz-A-Shamu

Ch. Audley Farms Jules

Ch. Heart’n’Soul’s Big Palooka

Ch. Greiner Hall Jedadiah

Castle Mount No Bones About it Abby

Ch. Genies Wish of Audley

Ch. SG Dogwoods Rebel Warrior 

Lionsire Lola of Audley

Ch. Dandylion’s Crime of Passion

Ch. Caledonia’s Built to Last

Ch. Iron Hills Bar Open All Night

Caledonia’s Night Moves

Ch. Cavells Rootntootn Dandylion

Ch. Dandylion Cavell Artoriusrex

Dandylion Cavell’s Lil Nina


Shadow Hills Malibu Barbie

Ch. Bellagio of the  Hills

Mystery Mountains Mojo

Ch. MysteryMountain’s Shaq Attack

Tamarack’s I Love Lucy

Ch. Joyce of Dakota

Ch. Gropetti’s Lord Henry of MMRB

Mattilda of Dakota

Lyndesfarne ShadowHills Jewells

Ch. Heart’n’Soul’s Big Palooka

Hogan’s Dewey Pyle of Audley

Ch. Genies Wish of Audley

Ch. LazyD’s Honky Tonk Angel

Ch.LazyD’s BoogieWoogie of Mobama

Ironclad Caledonia Guilty as Sin


(turk- halloween 2011)                   

Caicos Mullin



This is our gorgeous fawn female. She is very tall, soft, and the most gentle. We always loved petting her ears because they were so soft. Although we have had mastiffs for years, she is the one that started "Hickory Hills Mastiffs." She is a little over 5 years old now, and we thought it was time for her to retire. She will be just a pet from now on.

(caicos at 6 months)

Aruba Groppetti Mullin

Aruba is our rare apricot reverse brindle female. She has beautiful coloring and very sweet. She may look a little mean, but Aruba is completely the opposite. She loves to be around us and lays on her back just to be rubbed on the tummy. It was pretty funny when she was pregnant, rolling around on the ground like a hippo when we scratched her belly. She also has champion bloodlines and throws many brindle, apricot, and even several rare reverse brindle puppies.