Hickory Hills Mastiffs

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We are small hobby breeders. We raise our mastiffs near the oklahoma city area. We have had mastiffs in our family for about 20 years, and absolutely LOVE them. These dogs come from GREAT bloodlines. Our male is especially huge and weighed 130 lbs. at 6 months and is now over 200lbs!. I love breeding english mastiffs, because of their size and gentleness. It is a hobby for me to raise these "gentle giants". We currently have 1 female fawn mastiff (Caicos), 1 brindle female (Koke), 1 male fawn (Turk), and 1 apricot reverse brindle (Aruba). You can see more information about them on the "our dogs" page.

Be sure to follow us on instagram for extra pictures( not on the website) of our dogs @hickoryhillsmastiffs!

Aruba giving birth